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New England "gay guide" web site gets it's millionth visitor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News & Politics' started by OutNation, 2 January 2004.

  1. OutNation

    OutNation Active Member Staff Member

    GayNewEngland.net, a volunteer not-for-profit GLBT guide to New England reached 1 million visitors on the eve of the new year says Founder, David J. Goulart.

    "When we created GayNewEngland.net, we had no idea that it would ever be utilized in the way that it is. With over 1 Million visitors since its launch on February 14, 2003, and hundreds of e-mails daily, it has quickly become a valuable community resource."

    GayNewEngland.net is a volunteer effort and with the exception of a few sponsors, the volunteers actually contribute their money, as well as time, to keep the site online and functioning.

    "We created the site because we realized there was a need for an online community in New England as our local papers are not easily accessible by thousands of GLBT persons in remote New England areas", says co-founder and contributor Marc DeNofrio.

    GayNewEngland.net is a guide to New England bars, clubs, accommodations, news, theatre, music, and daily dish. The site welcomes all submissions and they publish nearly every GLBT article received.