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What Makes Someone A Celebrity For You?

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Leisure' started by Mark, 22 January 2012.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I've watched a little of Celeb BB and know one or two but the rest were complete unknowns to me so I looked up who they were and it seems they are mostly ex reality stars.

    I don't mind reality programmes but my personal definition of a celebrity is someone with a skill or talent that's outside the norm and someone who excels in their field. A great actress or a great sportsman and not someone who was a bit of a plank and got thrown off from a singing contest.

    Do you judge someone a celebrity if they get their face in the papers often enough or do you think it cheapens 'real' talent by labelling any old Joe a celeb?
  2. eroticwriter

    eroticwriter Well-Known Member

    The word has never had any meaning for me. Now it has no meaning for the rest of the universe, or shouldn't!
  3. You can have talent and still not be a celebrity in my eyes. Such as X-Factor winners. They have the talent of being able to sing, but I wouldn't consider them a celebrity (to me anyway) but I'd look to people as celebrities who have excelled in their field and done something really significant without the need of a cheap boost through a "talent" show to do it.

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